Business Opportunities Management

Before you dive into the ocean of new ideas, you need to know what you already have. Every time you don’t have to work from scratch to create something really wonderful. You may be able to update an older piece of content that used to work well and can be revived. Also finding out what you currently have can show whether or not you are being redundant by creation more of the same content or being smart by “filling the gaps” with new content.

Project Image Over the last few years with the advent of more and more corporate hospitals or HCO – Health Care Organization are consolidating their position in the market, it becomes very difficult for small or middle sized hospitals to compete with and retain their customer base.

At Swastik we understand the critical performance indicator and based on our experience and professional approach we offer a multi dimentional approach to eliminate the hurdles in Business growth and fill the Gaps accordingly.

Our partnership is not limited to the business planning but help the client to sustain the growth also. Some of our key elements under Business Opportunity and Management are:

BPM - Business Performance Management.

  • Data quality and latency.
  • Application Usability.
  • Visualization of Data.
Organizational :-
  • Business Culture.
  • Leadership.
  • Process.
  • Strategic control and intent.
Individual :-
  • Gesturing.
  • Biases.
  • Framing and decision making abilities.
BAN – Business Activity Measurement :-
  • Key performance indicator.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Activity based cost and management analysis.

Upgradation in SOS - Scope of Services.

PFS - Project Feasibility Study.

Need of the hospital.
Need of Community.
Economy of that area.
Catchment of that area.
Availability of resources.
Financial resources.

IHA - Integrated Healthcare approach.

Clinical efficacy.
Shared knowledge.
Care transformation.
Supply Chain Management.
Outsoursing Management.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Value Equity.
Brand Equity.
Retention Equity.

Corporate and Government Schemes tie-ups.