Frequently Asked Questions

Swastik Total Health Care Solutions is a group of professionals with an average experience of more than 10 years in the field of Project Planning and Designing, Hospital Management, Hospital Quality and Accreditation, Business Development, IT Solutions, Human Resource Solutions and Hospital Operational Management.

Transforming Vision into Reality

Swastik guarantees that the outcome of your engagement will result in measurable results and sustainable solutions. With a 100% client satisfaction rating, Swastik not only knows what it takes to successfully assist your organization, but will assist you every step of the way from initial proposal to final implementation. Best in industry consultants coupled with proven solutions that are targeted toward addressing today’s healthcare concerns allow our team of experts to quickly assess a situation, recommend a sound course of action, and begin driving positive results that you will be able to see immediately.

Swastik offers a variety of services for Health Care Organization. To find out what services we have to meet your needs please visit our services page or find out what solutions Swastik offers to your type of organization: What we do

1. Swastik Healthcare Solutions is an organization built upon a platform of providing unparalleled assistance in the arena of financial improvement to our customers. In fact, organizations which utilize Swastik see on average a 4 to 1 return on investment for every rupee spent on consulting services . Additionally, Swastik is able to offer flexible pricing to meet your needs. Swastik consulting can help bring a fresh perspective into areas where focus can be instrumental to achieving success, and we guarantee that our firm will produce measurable results and sustainable solutions for your organization.
2. Our clients experience a 4 to 1 return on investment from our consulting services, meaning that for every rupee spent on consulting, our clients see an average of Rs.4 in recouped revenue.
3. Swastik has consistently provided superior financial services for our clients.
4. Swastik has a team of experts on staff, all of which have dynamic experience in healthcare financial and clinical improvement.

1. Our fees, like our solutions, vary on the project that we are working on. The rate for your project will be determined by the types of services you are seeking, the project timeline, and your location. We are happy to work within the budget of an organization to find solutions that will be effective and affordable for you.
2. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our performance, and in many cases we are able to develop a fee structure that is based on the results we obtain, meaning that if we don’t produce results, you will not receive an invoice.
3. Tell us a little about your project and get a quote today !

Swastik believes that our clients don’t need a dry list of suggestions on how to improve their practice and obtain results. True success comes from our teams’ willingness to roll up their sleeves and work collaboratively with your team to implement changes that will be meaningful and lasting for your organization. Swastik will assist your organization every step of the way from initial proposal to final recommendations through a collaborative teamwork approach. We know that consulting is more than offering an opinion, and that a good firm produces results that are both measurable and sustainable. Through dedicated project management we are able to achieve results that are meaningful and provide a custom level of assistance to meet your needs.

1. Engaging Swastik for the purpose of consulting begins with an initial no cost consultation to gauge the needs of your organization, pin point your goals, and discern which of our team members will best meet the needs of your organization. Following this non-obligatory consultation, Swastik will provide our prospective clients with a detailed proposal including cost, services, implementation strategies, and timeline projections.
2. Please contact us today to set up your no cost initial consultation, or get started by receiving a quote for your project . Of course you can always call us at +91 9111 544 544 or email us regarding your project at