Resource Management and Capacity Building

Over the last few year HR scene in Healthcare has seen an evolution with more hospitals looking out for organized staffing and skilled workforce solutions. Having witnessed the evolving trends of the hospital industry, Swastik has decided to bridge the gap by providing complete HR solution to the concerned healthcare providers.

Our aim is to handle employment issue like – Recruiting, Retention, Compensation, Liability and Labor issues. At Swastik we are not merely a resource management organization but, we focus on Capacity Building of the organizational team by providing a complete tool right from identifying the needs of organization, selected right person for right job, guiding for the appraisal of employee, providing training for skill development, interpersonal relationship, rewarding employee for motivation.

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The Objective behind this exercise is to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk. Also to align the capabilities and behaviors of employees with the short-term and long-term goals of the Hospital.

Apart from the human resource and their capacity building, we know how to connect human capital with the latest technology as to smoothen the function of your hospital particularly the MIS (Management Information System) which helps to capture the data of existing business and is a backbone of any organization. The selection of HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) after understanding the need of your organization would be our responsibility. We not only suggest the suitable HIMS but motivate stakeholder to take best out of it. This help the organization to know the real status of the existing business which can be further evaluated and action taken accordingly.

Some of Swastik’s Resource Management and Capacity Building are:-

  • Health Care HR planning.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention Program.
  • Resource Recruitment.
  • Partnering with SkillIndia for training needs.
  • Biomedical Equipment and Engineering.
  • Hospital IT Solutions.
  • Hospital Management System and its training and implementation.
  • Extension of departments within hospitals and introduction of new departments.
  • International codification of Disease (ICD 10) training and assistance.
  • Hospital Website creation.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Implant procurement.
  • Other hospital related domestic and support services.
  • Branding and marketing solutions.
  • Assisting in hospital empanelment with Government Schemes and bodies, TPAs, Insurance Providers etc.